Scanning old photos to digital?

Answer Hi JokerGet the new HP scanners that scans any photos and even slides. We use one at the office and was pretty amazed. The G4010 is inexpensive and very quick to scan.

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What dpi should I use when scanning photos?

Hi There,The "rule of thumb" is you need 175 to 200 dpi for the final size of your printout.If you are scanning a 3 x5 photo and want to double the final size to 5 x 7 you should scan it at 300 dpi... Read More »

Scanning old photos, how much dpi?

Always as high as possible. You can always reduce them later. Remember, you're only doing it ONCE.

Scanning photos?

Does your phone have internet access? If so, you should be able to email them to yourself.

Scanning Photos for Beginners?

You can use either a flatbed scanner--or an all-in-one printer that has a built-in scanner--to scan printed photos. When you scan a photo, you create a digital image of that photo and store it in t... Read More »