Scanning old photos onto a removable thumb drive?

Answer Usually Photo shops will put photos on CD's. Might check with an Office Supply Store to see if they will put your photos on a CD. Once on a cd put the CD in the computer, Plug in your Pen Drive a... Read More »

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How to Make a Removable Drive Seem Non-Removable?

To force Windows to read your USB drive as a fixed drive, rather than removable storage, you can flip the Removable Media Bit (RMB). If set to "1," Windows will read the RMB as a removable media; h... Read More »

Scanning old photos, how much dpi?

Always as high as possible. You can always reduce them later. Remember, you're only doing it ONCE.

What dpi should I use when scanning photos?

Hi There,The "rule of thumb" is you need 175 to 200 dpi for the final size of your printout.If you are scanning a 3 x5 photo and want to double the final size to 5 x 7 you should scan it at 300 dpi... Read More »

Scanning photos?

Does your phone have internet access? If so, you should be able to email them to yourself.