Scanning negatives to photos?

Answer Most any place that prints from film scans first. The few places that do traditional printing with an actual dark room charge a lot more and I'd be surprised if you stumbled upon it. Yes, CVS shoul... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a scanner that is capable of scanning in 126 negatives or older negatives of unknown film?

Get the newer HP scanners which will scan transparencies, films and negatives.

Software for Scanning Negatives?

Photographers who use film cameras can make their images digital by scanning the film, or negatives, to a computer. Once scanned, the images become image files, just like photos from digital camera... Read More »

Photo scanning, slides and negatives?

A Regular Scanner can be used to scan Negatives and Slides however Quality is the real question. A scanner specifically designed for that purpose will provide a better quality than one that is not... Read More »

Scanning negatives on my epson scanner?

Hi RaquelBefore scanning, tell the scanner that you want to scan negatives. That should work :)Otherwise, it will go at default and do regular scans.Same with slides, you have to tell it .