Scanning Question for Acrobat 8.?

Answer It is still the same version? Are the files in the same location?

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Question on Scanning Document?

Get FreeOCR software. Its totally free and works very very well. You can open the scannd images in it and it will automatically convert it to editable text. You can also have the text opened in Mic... Read More »

Question about tools used for scanning photos?

Try some photo album refills. Get them at Wal-Mart. The full page document folder refills are good too.

I am scanning old family pictures. These are 1970's and 1980's. Resolution Question?

When I mess around with my photos I try to start with just the one and sort out which works best, and if you are on dial-up, that would be the better way to try.Dune

How do you put pictures from a disposable camera onto your computer with or without scanning but without scanning would be more helpful?

You bring your disposable camera to a local Walgreens. They can either take the photos out and you would have to scan them or they can put it on a disk from a extra fee.