Scanners-is it just a photographic copy or is ink some how being used?

Answer Scanners read in the information from the picture and then software converts it to a file on your computer.No ink is used in this process. The strain on your ink is either from printing, or with In... Read More »

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Can digital cameras and scanners allow computer users to add photographic images to documents and presentations as an integral part of the message or for visual appeal?

Answer Yes. Digital cameras and scanners general images (such as photographs or scans in the standard JPEG format) that can be simply copied and pasted (or dragged and dropped) into the document or... Read More »

How to Copy Photographic Slides Into My Computer?

Many people who have moved to digital photography will have a number of treasured pictures in the old print or slide format. Fortunately it is relatively easy to get these older pictures into the d... Read More »

What do people use scanners for when using copy machines? scan things onto the computer. Like if you want a few copies of something, but also want it on the computer, you use a copy machine and a scanner

What is photographic art?

Photographic art refers to the products of the photographic process presented in the context of art. Photographic art has a long history, and it continues to develop along with technology.TypesPhot... Read More »