Scanner to read liceanse?

Answer It would probably be easiest to contact someone at a local DMV station and talk to them about what type of scanner you will need. I'm assuming by scanner you meant like a scan gun that can read the... Read More »

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Is there any way to read text frm handlhlad scanner?

You can scan to a smart phone or small computer...

Is there a barcode scanner iphone app Please read details?

I believee there is for shopping purposes

I just bought a new Canon PIXMA MP250 I read the owners manual and I can't see if the printer/copy/scanner?

I can't see anything about it being able to duplex in any reviews of it so I would think it does not and you will have to manually turn the paper over to print on the other side.

Read read read read HELP pleaze!?

Sweety, by answering this question you took away 5 points from your account. And actually it takes 250 points to get to level 2.So if you want to get to level 2, don't ask any more questions. (unle... Read More »