Scanner hp 1210 not working in mac?


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Why is the scanner not working I have an HP PC and an HP printer/scanner.?

You need to also install the scanner driver. Your computer sees them as separate devices, it doesn't care that it's a printer scanner.

Why is my Scanner is not working?

Go online and go to the scanner manufacturers website and go to the driver section. It sounds like you need new drivers for it. Or use the link below, however, I am unsure if that is the most rece... Read More »

How to get my scanner working in vista?

Hi M1Usually, if Windows finds it, you can right-click the icon and run it in compatible windows mode. If the company says it does not run on vista, I can't see how you can make it work.Usually I p... Read More »

Scanner stopped working why?

Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing