Scanner frequency?

Answer Hi BarryDaLive,Go sit over by the cop shop(need plug to fit lighter though) tune in a frequency until you get the right one. Try frequency 880 mhz. Did you ask where you bought it if they know t... Read More »

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Is there a police scanner app or just a scanner app for iPhone that let's you enter your own frequency?

No, all police scanner apps get live scanner audio feeds that are fixed on certain frequencies.

Unable to reference scanner frequency?

You might try contacting the FCC and see who or what has that assignment, it should be public information...

Fire Dept Scanner Frequency?

Brevard County frequencies…They also use this EDACS trunked radio system which uses analog and digital…

Can my scanner recieve any military radio frequency?

It depends on they type of scanner you have. It also depends on what type of military radio you are referring to. Military communications use HF, VHF, UHF, analog, digital, and encryption. You can ... Read More »