Scanner focus at high resolution?

Answer 2400 dpi is the max for that scanner according to the specs on Canon's site. Flatbeds typically do not have a focusing mechanism, so you may well be out of focus. But it shouldn't be drastically so... Read More »

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Looking for high resolution scanner to scan an portrait at chennai?

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How can convert high VGA resolution into low VGA resolution Can use any electronic converter or device please tell?

Answer Devices called scalars or interpolators are made to convert images in this way. They can convert from PC signals to broadcast standard, PC to PC, broadcast to PC or even between broadcast st... Read More »

How can I change the resolution on my scanner?

That setting is in the scanner control on the PC.

Scanner resolution problems?

The scanner cannot make the image better than it is originally. I had the same problem with a picture that I scanned at 300 and it came out bad. I had to go to 150 to get a good one. What I'm s... Read More »