Scanned some old photos last night & half were 'jpg', but other half went 'pdf'.?

Answer The printer might package more than one document as a PDF. Mine does that if you place more than one piece of paper in the feeder.To fix, you can try opening the files in Adobe PDF viewer (or any o... Read More »

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If you cut a worm in half, throw one half on one side of the lawn, and one half on the other. . .?

You went to the hospital because you were having contractions and only dialated half a cm what can i do to dialate?

Starting Labor As uninviting as it may sound have sex, the semen contains prostaglandin hormone which with a ripe cervix will stimulate your contractions to start. Also... Move around as much as y... Read More »

Is there any way to remove half of a tooth stuck inside the gum after a wisdom tooth pushed out the other half?

Answer i think visiting a dentist would be your best bet!

I filed a claim with my insurance company. they paid me half of the settlement I get the other half after i purchase the items on the list they sent me. Why is that.?

Because you have "Replacement Cost Protection" The coverage is designed to replace your loss not compensate you for it. Be glad you have it. Otherwise they would only give you that 1st check and th... Read More »