Scan a pictures and email the same picture?

Answer ya, you can do that

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How do I scan pictures& include them in email?

Place the photos you want to scan individually on the scanner and press "scan." Crop the photo to exclude the extra white or black areas using your scanning software that will appear when the photo... Read More »

How can I scan pictures on my copier and email them?

Either need a special program or you scan as files to your computer and then attach pics to your emails.E

How to save one picture out of a group of pictures appearing in one scan.?

Scan them all in at the same time. Use GIMP or Photoshop and cut each one separately and re-save under individual will see their is a mask or marquee tool on the left side which you can d... Read More »

Is there a device in which you can scan pictures you draw and turn them into picture files for your computer?

yes, you can use a picture scanner. I personally use a HP scanner you can get one @ best buy.