Scan a document and send it email.?

Answer Inserts 'How do you' to the beginning of your statement.With your scanner, scan the document and save it in the format of choice. JPG would work but you may need to adjust the DPI to prevent creati... Read More »

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How do I scan and send a document?

You have a scanner(installed on PC?)During installation you surely have find some program which you installed on computer.Locate the program which you installed then click on it it will open a wind... Read More »

How do I scan and email a document/?

Scan any doc/image etc., and save it as a .pdf or image file like .jpg etc. Remember, where you save the file. When you want to e-mail, attach that .pdf file or image file with your e-mail text bef... Read More »

How do I scan a document then email it?

Scan the DocumentPlace the document in the scanning device. These operations may differ slightly, depending on your scanning device. Using either the associated scanning software on your computer o... Read More »

How do I scan to email a document?

Hi. During the scan use "Scan to application". This could be 'Notepad', say. When the scan is done open the file in Notepad just to be sure it's what you want. Then use email and add the file as an... Read More »