Scams That Can Fool Just About Anyone?

Answer Lotto games are random drawings where the prize awarded can grow over time. From Powerball to Mega Millions to Cash 5, there are a variety of different lotto games to choose from. Finding the best ... Read More »

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How to Become a Fool?

Though a proverb says: "fools despise wisdom and discipline"—yet wisdom is supreme and to be desired above [many] other things. Wisdom gives light to the eyes, while foolishness causes blindness.... Read More »

How to Fool Key Loggers?

Key loggers are a security threat to anyone who types sensitive information on a computer. They are able to keep a log of everything that is typed on a computer, including user accounts and passwor... Read More »

How to Play "What a Fool"?

"What a Fool" is a game that makes great fun and lots of laughs at a party, although one person may feel embarrassed! Although this game may sound "retarded" and "dumb", it still may cheer up a gro... Read More »

How to Do Fool's Mate in Chess?

Usually, checkmate occurs in the endgame of chess, after several turns by each player. However, this can be achieved in as little as two moves by performing the Fool's Mate. This is an extremely ra... Read More »