Scams That Can Fool Just About Anyone?

Answer Lotto games are random drawings where the prize awarded can grow over time. From Powerball to Mega Millions to Cash 5, there are a variety of different lotto games to choose from. Finding the best ... Read More »

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Is there a site besides Fastweb that has a lot of scholarships for just about anyone?

Try Sallie Mae's Free Scholarship Search. You answer a few questions about yourself, then the site matches you against a database of more than 2.9 million scholarships worth more than $16 billion a... Read More »

X Factor, Cheryl, Can You Believe That Cheryl Just Said That About John & Edward Has She Just Dug A Ditch?

she speaks the truth god dammit you ppl are brainwashed

Anyone know where i can find that fake wikipedia site that talks about celebrities that are total *****?

Absolutely. What you're talking about is, I assume, the UNcyclopedia. Heck of a lot of fun. Here's the link:…

Name a complaint that you might have about the pizza that was just delivered?