Scaling Techniques in Business Research?

Answer Scaling is a quantitative measurement tool frequently used in commercial marketing research studies. In business marketing, for instance, survey or focus group respondents can communicate their opi... Read More »

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Primary Research Techniques?

Researchers like primary research because it is straight from the source. Instead of reading someone else's interpretation of an event of artifact, researchers experience it for themselves. Sources... Read More »

Descriptive Research Techniques?

Descriptive research is a multifaceted research approach. It can include quantitative data such as the use of empirical information, or can depict qualitative sources such as patterns of disease. D... Read More »

Social Science Research Techniques?

Social science research seeks to make sense of human behaviors. Before choosing a technique, researchers must consider the sensitivity of subject matter, time constraints, subject availability and ... Read More »

Technical Writing & Research Techniques?

A well-written technical paper must accomplish two goals: contain all information relevant to the research and its findings, and clearly explain why it matters to the reader. The specific experimen... Read More »