Scaffolding Instructions?

Answer Scaffolding allows students to complete tasks that they might have trouble with on their own. The classroom teacher works with the students first, and then allows them to work independently. If you... Read More »

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How do I use scaffolding?

Sturdy GroundCheck the ground before setting up the scaffolding. Because scaffolding needs to be built up high, make sure that the ground is solid and supportive. Use wide, wooden boards as a base ... Read More »

What is Vygotsky scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a pedagogical technique designed by Lev Vygotsky. It's based on the basic principle that students learn and help one another, rather than rely solely on the teacher as a source of ed... Read More »

What is scaffolding in construction?

Scaffolding, also known as "falsework" is a type of temporary structure used on the outside of a building to easily access areas which are too high to reach on a ladder. Scaffolding is only used du... Read More »

How can i get scaffolders to take their scaffolding away?

I can help you here. I work in the construction industry and I know how this works.Chances are your builder has sub-contrcted the scaffolding to a specialist scaffolding company. Look on the scaffo... Read More »