Scab under stitches on lip...?

Answer you can't get the scab off until the stitches dissolve. A long time ago my brother ha dissolvable stitches. I think it took like three weeks to a month before they dissolved

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HELP!!! i had a pimple on my nose...yeah i picked at it and then it formed a scab...the scab?

cover it up with some neosporin and a bandage and stay in your house for the next 2 months while it heals

Dime size lump under skin after stitches 3 months ago?

Bigmamma...keloid scarring can occur relatively easy on ankles due to the thinness of the skin and lack of complete blood flow...Arnica Oil is Great for the Discomfort as well as minimizing the Sca... Read More »

Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?

Its easy. When the wound has healed up simply use a pair of small scissors and clip the stitches. Then you can easily remove them with tweezers. It should not hurt if the wound is healed properly. ... Read More »

Is it ok to remove external stitches in 7 to ten days even when there are internal stitches that will desolve?

I use to be a nurse and it is best to let them go on their on. Do not touch them or they could become infected if not completely healed.