Scab help please....?

Answer Scabs are there for a reason, to protect the wound whilst the new skin grows, Try not to pick it off.You could try and cover it with a breathable gauze such as mereopore, which will allow the expo... Read More »

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HELP!!! i had a pimple on my nose...yeah i picked at it and then it formed a scab...the scab?

cover it up with some neosporin and a bandage and stay in your house for the next 2 months while it heals

How to Get Rid of a Scab?

Scabs can be ugly before a big night, or make it hard to wear skirts or shorts. The method provided here might need to be repeated for a few nights.

Scab from picked zit?

If you have hydrogen peroxide, try dabbing it continually (say, every hour or two) with a cotton ball. If more pus comes to the surface, you can GENTLY express it, and then be sure to clean it (ag... Read More »

My toe burns (after scab came off)?

Keep putting on the antibiotic cream and be sure to cover the wound to protect it. Especially when you are wearing shoes.If it starts swelling or getting redder or having a colored discharge, see ... Read More »