Saving image of screen shot?

Answer Go to Paint (or you image editor) paste the image (Ctrl+V) and save it!

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How do I take a screen shot (image of what's on screen) on a PC?

Click the Alt button, and while it's clicked, also press the "Print Scrn." Then, open your word processor, email or any other place you want to put it and select Paste. If the Alt button doesn't w... Read More »

Does saving a JPEG lower the image quality?

Because JPEG is a "lossy" format, there is *always* quality loss. The trick is that in many cases, the loss cannot easily be seen by us humans, and might only be exposed if you looked at the color ... Read More »

What is screen shot what does it mean to capture a screen shot?

A "screen shot" is when you take a picture of what ever is on your computer monitor. For instance if you push the print screen button on your keyboard it will take a picture of your screen. Pretty ... Read More »

Why does flat screen tv only show image on half screen?

Look for a button on the remote labeled FORMAT or ASPECT and push it a few times and watch the picture size change. PS this might not work on some channels but it is not the TV's fault.