Saving files on a Flash Drive?

Answer Go to My computer. Double Click on the F drive. A window will open up showing you what is on that flash drive. Right now it is probably empty. Now, open up My what you want t... Read More »

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I was told saving files in the root directory of a Mac's hard drive is a bad idea. Is it And why?

UNIX based operating systems allow for more discrete options in organizing your files into partitions. The "root" partition is generally sized fairly small and contains core operating system files... Read More »

How to Use a Flash Drive with WMA Files?

A flash drive is a convenient device for toting around your WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. By keeping your WMA files on a flash drive, you can easily take your files from computer to computer so ... Read More »

How can i put password to my USB flash drive and other files?

First off, its probably not a good idea to put passwords on a flash drive as it is very easy to get the information off of the flash drive, and if it gets stolen or lost someone will take your pass... Read More »

How Do I Copy Files to a Flash Drive?

Opening the Flash Drive's directoryInsert your flash drive into an open USB port on your computer. In Windows systems, a dialogue box will open. Select "Open to View Files." A window will appear sh... Read More »