Saving and Naming Files After Scanning with Adobe 8?

Answer Is the location where you save the files changed?If so I would set the preferences for 'save file to' towards the old location.Good luck

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How to Clean Files Detected by NOD 4 After Scanning?

When you scan a computer with the NOD 32 version 4 antivirus software program, the results of the scan are shown in the window after the scan is complete. If you have scanned the computer with this... Read More »

How do I convert dvd files to avi files with Adobe Premiere 8?

Preparing FilesChange your VOB DVD files to MPEG files because Adobe Premiere 8 cannot import VOB files directly. Right click on the file, click "Rename" and place ".MPG" at the end of the file to ... Read More »

How to Convert DVD Files to AVI Files With Adobe Premiere 8?

Premiere is video editing software made by Adobe, the same company that makes popular programs like Photoshop. When put onto a computer, a DVD video file is technically a VOB file. The file extensi... Read More »

Can someone help me with scanning and emailing files?

YOU cannot scan a PDF file you can only prinit it out or scan it on line copy to files then E mail it as text or download file they can open in G mail !