Sauteed Baked Grilled OR Raw How do you like your Broccoli?

Answer Sauteed with chopped garlic, olive oil, S&POtherwise I'll eat it raw by itself or in a salad

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How do you like your Broccoli Raw Grilled or Sauteed ?

How do you like your Pork Chops Fried Baked Grilled Or Other?

Breaded Fried pork chops with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed Swiss Chard with almonds.

Grilled Cheese plain Grilled Cheese with Bacon Or Grilled Cheese with Ham Which from this list do u like->?

Plain grilled cheese for me :) Although I do love grilled cheese with a slice of tomato from time to time. Goodnight Scooter!

Broccoli with Butter Baked Potato with Butter Or Corn On The Cob with Butter Which do you like better?

baked potato with a pat of butter. this is a good source of carbohydrate and you can even start your day with this tomorrow morning. this is a very good tummy filler and lowers cholesterol and high... Read More »