Sauna Tips?

Answer The dry heat of saunas can help with weight reduction, stress relief, pain relief and minor illnesses, and it helps the body rid itself of harmful toxins. If you have joined a club that offers a sa... Read More »

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How to Wash in a Sauna?

Saunas have been used for centuries in places like Finland for relaxation and hygienic purposes. Saunas do not require the user to bathe in the traditional sense, using soap and water, but provide ... Read More »

How to Use a Public Sauna?

Public saunas may seem strange to people who have not used them. They are simply heated rooms or buildings that are used by people to speed up sweating. Most workout centers are equipped with sauna... Read More »

How to Use a Sauna Wrap?

A Sauna Wrap is a product designed to help your muscles relax and assist in weight loss. The Sauna Wrap works by heating and then supposedly detoxifying the body and allowing users to sweat out exc... Read More »

How to Make Sauna Oil?

A relaxing, rejuvenating sauna can soothe sore tired muscles and purify and detoxify your skin. Essential oils mixed with water and added to the hot coils can add another healing element to your sa... Read More »