Saturn Facts for Science Projects?

Answer Students who are attempting to create a science fair project which is based on Saturn may find it useful to learn a few facts about the planet itself. There are a number of interesting facts about ... Read More »

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Science Projects for 5th Graders Involving the Saturn V Rocket?

The Saturn V is the rocket used for the Apollo space missions to launch Americans to the Moon. When fully fueled, it weighed about the same as 400 elephants, and at lift-off, the thrust created mor... Read More »

Science Projects on Fingerprint Facts?

With the popularity of television shows such as "CSI," fingerprints are a common subject for science projects. Some projects examine what fingerprints are, while others look at hereditary links in ... Read More »

Moon Facts for Child Science Projects?

Sometimes it's there, looming large and shining bright. Other times, you might just catch a sliver in the night sky. According to National Geographic, the Moon is approximately 4.6 billion years ol... Read More »

8 Facts About Saturn?

Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture. Scientists are always making new discoveries about this colorful gas giant. While other planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings,... Read More »