Satin vs. Gloss Guitar Bodies?

Answer Whether it's for a classical guitar or an electrical guitar, many guitar players looking to buy a new guitar -- particularly those choosing a custom-built guitar -- get confused about how to pick f... Read More »

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Can i paint satin over semi-gloss?

On One Hand: Most Surfaces Can Be RepaintedClean all previously painted surfaces and dull them to a flat finish so that the new satin paint will adhere to the old paint. Clean and dry the old paint... Read More »

Can you mix a semi-gloss paint with a satin of the same color?

You sure can, as long as both products are latex based or both are oil based, etc... The mixed result will also have a different sheen than both of the originals, so make sure that you have enough... Read More »

What KIND of paint should I get for the ceilings and walls (ex: semi-gloss, satin, etc...)?

Interesting question. The biggest problem you run into with paint-the higher the gloss, the more it shows imperfections in the wall. This includes screw or nail marks, taping joints, etc. If you... Read More »

Should I Use Semi-Gloss or Satin Paint for the Kitchen and Living Room?

FLV files are a common video file format used on popular video sites like YouTube. As the format becomes more popular, so does the desire to use the format in more places, such as PowerPoint presen... Read More »