Sata 1 Cable Vs. Sata 2 Cable?

Answer There are no differences between the SATA 1 and SATA 2 cable. SATA 2 is actually a misnomer that was attached to the SATA cable when SATA devices were capable of transferring greater amounts of dat... Read More »

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What is a SATA cable?

Hard drive cabling comes in a variety of different forms, but the most prevalent is the SATA cable. While other forms exist, they are usually only found in archaic hardware or in network servers.De... Read More »

Is an eSATA cable the same as a SATA?

SATA and eSATA cables are not the same. While they have the same number of internal wires (seven), the connectors on the ends are different, preventing one type of cable from being used for the oth... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between Sata Cable Types?

There are three main SATA cable connections used with computers. The first is a standard two-connection SATA cable, the second is a three-connection SATA cable and the third is an eSATA cable. If y... Read More »

Sata power cable problem?

first of all do you have another sata power connector you can plug into the hard drive? if you do then try that. or do you have a spare sata drive you can plug into the current power adaptor? if th... Read More »