Sapphires That Change Color?

Answer Sapphires are typically thought of as the deep blue stone that is the birthstone for September. It is usually as such, but sapphires also are available in many other colors. The sapphire is part of... Read More »

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What Color Are Sapphires?

Though sapphires are most often blue in color, they come in many other colors, as well. Sapphires, like rubies, are made from the mineral corundum. Both gemstones get their colors from imperfection... Read More »

Plants That Change Color for Science Projects?

Plants and flowers come in a variety of different colors, but they all function in the same basic way: by turning water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen through a process called photosynthe... Read More »

Online photo editor that lets you change eye color?

Yea. Dude try and watch the videos on the home page its on the left of where it says Upload. Click watch demo then click change hair color and just do everything they did but on the... Read More »

Is there an app for android that can change the color theme of the phone?