Sandwich making help please :)?

Answer you know what tastes really good and is healthy. (In my opinion)brown or seeded bread.turkey.a little bit of mayo.and spinach leaves.not to everyone's taste but i like it :).oh you should try slici... Read More »

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How to Eat a Subway Sandwich Without Making a Mess?

Sandwiches from that famed store, Subway, can be very messy! If you're taking your date there, or even just a few friends, you certainly don't want to make a fool out of yourself by getting food al... Read More »

What is the secret to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Roast Beef sandwich Grilled vegetables Sandwich Or a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich Which from this list->?

Grilled veggies all the way. PBJ is ok for a midnight snack, but on Ritz

Chicken Sandwich Rib Sandwich Falafel Sandwich Or Fish Sandwich Which do u like better?

Well the only one I've had out of the 4 choices is chicken sandwich so that's the one I like best.