Sandi preteen model ?

Answer pedophile

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How did Sandi Patty lose her weight?

Contemporary Christian music star Sandi Patty had LAP-BAND surgery to lose weight. In the next two years, she lost 75 pounds. LAP-BAND surgery involves placing a belt-like device around the stomach... Read More »

What does military term sandi mean?

Sandi? You might be referring to "Sandy", which was a term for search and rescue escort missions in Vietnam, which were usually flown by an A-1 Skyraider.

How old is a preteen?

a preteen is 12 yrs old andateen is 13-19cuz it has the word teen in ithope i helped

How to Get a Guy to Ask You to a Dance As a Preteen?

Tired of being the back-burner girl who likes her best guy-friend? Get him to ask you to the dance with this guide!