Sanden SD7 Specifications?

Answer Sanden International is part of the Sanden Corporation, which is a Japanese company. The company, however, has its American headquarters in Wylie, Texas. It specializes in making air-conditioning c... Read More »

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Sanden 510 Specifications?

Sanden was established in August 1973 as a new trade name for the Sankyo Electrics Company, which was originally established in July 1943. The Sanden 510 is a compressor for use within the air cond... Read More »

How to Remove a Sanden Clutch?

The Sanden line of compressors is used as part of a vehicle's air conditioning system. These compressors have a clutch mounted on the front that engages and disengages to turn the air conditioning ... Read More »

CJ7 Specifications?

The Jeep CJ7 is part of the company's CJ series -- the grandfather of the sport utility vehicle. The CJ originated as an all-purpose vehicle for the U.S. military during World War II; following the... Read More »

The Specifications of the KTM 125?

The KTM 125 is an off-road motorcycle manufactured by KTM Sportmotorcycle AG of Austria. It is popular, particularly among young people, because it is simple, relatively inexpensive and offers lot... Read More »