Sandalwood Soap for Acne?

Answer Eighty percent of people age 30 have experienced one or more outbreaks of acne. Hormones and genetics both contribute to this condition. When acne develops, many people seek out helpful products. O... Read More »

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Cor Soap for Acne?

For many acne sufferers, finding the right products for their skin can be difficult. They need a product that will not only soften and cleanse their skin, but will also help clear up their complexi... Read More »

Acne & Antibacterial Soap?

The appearance of acne is enough to ruin anyone's day. Since acne is partially caused by bacteria, many people assume that washing with antibacterial soap is the way to go when dealing with acne. T... Read More »

Black Soap and Acne?

The skin condition acne, which many people suffer from, can be treated by the use of black soap. Black soap lightly exfoliates and is made up of ingredients known to result in healthier looking sk... Read More »

Soap for Acne-Pitted Skin?

Acne is a problem for teens and adults alike. There are many different products that claim to help cleanse acne-pitted skin, but it is hard to tell which products are all hype and which ones perfor... Read More »