Sand in a Pool Caused by the Filter?

Answer Sand filters are one of a few options pool owners have when deciding on a filtration system. The only type of filter that can cause sand in the pool is a sand filter. Several troubleshooting steps ... Read More »

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What should you do if the top of the sand filter and the fingers at the bottom have both been replaced but there is still sand in the pool and you have already tried backwashing?

Answer Many people mistake "mustard algae" as sand in their pool. Does the sand briefly disappear when you run a pool brush over it? Mustard algae resettles quickly and looks very much like filte... Read More »

How often should you replace the sand in your pool filter if replacing it causes foam in the pool?

Phosphates It sounds like you may have phosphates in the water, do you have lots of leaves or the aftermath of seeds from the trees blowing in your area, I had poplar tree seed casings white fluffy... Read More »

How much sand should you put in a pool filter?

The amount of sand you must put in your pool filter depends on the model of the filter. The weight of the sand can vary between 40 to 850 pounds depending on the size and model. Check with your f... Read More »

Can there be too much sand in the pool filter?

Yes there needs to be a space over the top of the sand in a sand filter. it is best to check with the manufacturer of the filter to find out how much.