Sand Flea Bite Treatment?

Answer When headed to the beach, a person might pack a towel, umbrella and book for reading, along with closed toed shoes to reduce the risk of being bitten by sand fleas.

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How do you know the difference between a flea bite or a bed bug bite?

Its most likely fleas... Check your bed though, especially around the seams and etc. For any movement.. Bedbugs are usually a reddish color. Fleas are usually easier to get rid of. There's carpet p... Read More »

How to Hook a Sand Flea?

The mole crab, or sand flea, of the Atlantic beaches is named for its habit of burrowing into the sand. They are eaten by most fish that live in the surf area, and though somewhat difficult to catc... Read More »

What is the best relief for flea bite itching?

Put her in a bathtub with some baking soda and some Epsom salt. The baking soda will relieve the itching. And the Epsom salt will help dry them up to start in healing. My daughter went through t... Read More »

Flea Bite Vitamin Prevention?

It's agonizing to watch our furry friends infested with fleas. Prevention is the key. If you want to avoid dangerous pesticides, there may be another way. Vitamins might not keep your dog flea-... Read More »