San Jose HP floor seating at a concert?

Answer After studying the seating arrangement for most concerts (below), I would choose Floor 1 row 9, even though the floor seats are not tiered. Section 116 row 6 gives you quite a slanted view of th... Read More »

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Seating at a Fall Out Boy concert?

Just sit next to her, no one actually cares that much...

What is the best concert seating at the ARCO Arena?

For concerts at ARCO Arena in Sacramento, the seating arrangements vary by event. The best seats also depend on your preference in regard to location. At ARCO Arena, many concert stages are in fron... Read More »

I am going to a one direction concert and i have seen the seating plan but how good is block 118 row z seat 15?

A couple of small problems with your question:1) You forgot to mention WHERE the concert is, so no-one knows what the seats are like.2) You have posted the question in "Cars and Transportation".

Floor Seating Restaurants NYC?

I know of two such restaurants. I've been to each of them and recommend them based on the traditional criteria of food/decor/service/value. Coincidentally, both of them are Asian and vegetarian. ... Read More »