Samsung tv screen is zoomed in...?

Answer Cycle thru the zoom button on the tv's remote. If that doesn't fix it, be sure the tv is set to 16:9 and the sat. box is set to 16:9. If you are using an SD satellite box, you may need to upgrade... Read More »

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Screen is all zoomed in?

Why is my Windows 7 screen zoomed?

When the screen resolution changes, you have to adjust the hight and width for each setting you want to work with.

My mac screen is all of a sudden zoomed in!! help?

Hold the Control Key while scrolling the mouse down. To turn off this feature:Go to System Preferences - Universal Access.Make sure Zoom is turned off under the "Seeing" tab. In the same section ... Read More »

My computer screen just Zoomed in?

switch the computer off then back on merry christmas