Samsung plasma tv repair?

Answer That's not good, the behavior of your TV set indicates the Plasma Panel is failing....Flickering, followed later by PERMANENT lines is a clear-cut indication of panel failure....

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Which offers the best overall picture quality - high-end Samsung or Panasonic plasma or Samsung LED?

Panasonic Plasma, hands down. Plasma delivers more vivid colors, truer blacks, and deeper contrast to LCD, even LED LCD. Panasonic Viera Plasmas or Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasmas are the go to choice... Read More »

Problem with my Samsung plasma TV?

No, its motion blur, and ive seen it on a lot of samsung tv's, in fact i just asked a question about it to see if anyone was having this issue as i see it in a lot of homes.

Problems viewing 3D on Samsung 63" plasma TV?

If you are seeing the exact same picture with the glasses on or with them off, make sure they are turned on. There is a power button on the top right hand side of the glasses. You have to turn th... Read More »

Where was samsung plasma television made in?

They could be made in South Korea or China.