Samsung or sony lcd hdtv?

Answer Sony tvs generally have a better specification and are more expensive than samsung as a result but i have a samsung hd lcd tv in my room and i wasn't impressed at all with the quality of picture. T... Read More »

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Are Vizio LG Viewsonic HDTV as good as Sony Samsung TV's?

i personally believe that they are about the same but i have a vizio and it has a very clear picture

What better Sony bravia or Sony aqueous LCD hdtv?

How do you sync a Sony Blu-ray player to a Sony Bravia HDTV?

TV choice: Samsung DLP @ $1160, Sony 3LCD @ $1300, or Sony XSRD @ $1700?

I just bought the KDS-50A2000 and I am very pleased. There may be a few downsides, like the bulbs burning out. They cost around 250$ dollars to replace but it is easily done. Simply remove a cov... Read More »