Samsung galaxy tab I800 screen cloudy and image burning into background.?

Answer You will need a new screen and maybe other repairs...

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Do you need a lcd screen for a samsung galaxy?

You can get replacements on ebay and fitting instructions on you tube

Can i take a screen shot with my samsung Galaxy S2?

Yes, you can. it took me a while to figure it out so I youtube'd it when I first got mine. you hit the home and lock button at the same time, might take a few try's.

Samsung Galaxy s3 screen problems?

I know what you mean. When I run an app called "Dead Pixel Tester", make the screen all black and view the phone inside a pitch black room, I can see some random "scratch" or map-like pattern on so... Read More »

Which samsung galaxy s3 screen protector should i use?

They're both the same price, so anything that comes with a *** lifetime replacement warranty *** is a no brainer, surely? So if you have to spend 35 bucks on a screen protector then my money would ... Read More »