Samsung galaxy s3 SCREEN BROKEEEE !!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!?

Answer It can still be fix. If it is only the screen is broken, then is a small amount of money to fix it.

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Do you need a lcd screen for a samsung galaxy?

You can get replacements on ebay and fitting instructions on you tube

How do you take print screen on Samsung Galaxy Y?

Hold down the sleep button on top then press the home button.

Samsung Galaxy S Black Screen, need help!?

Hold it up near a bright light source. If you can see a faint image, then the backlight has burned out. It should be free to replace under manufacturers warranty.If you can't see a faint image, the... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy s3 screen problems?

I know what you mean. When I run an app called "Dead Pixel Tester", make the screen all black and view the phone inside a pitch black room, I can see some random "scratch" or map-like pattern on so... Read More »