Samsung galaxy gio s5660 won't display texts?

Answer Your Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660 may not be configured properly:Here is a link to an online manual for this phone:…Please see page 33 of this manual for infor... Read More »

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Why wont my samsung galaxy 2 tab turn on?

When it runs out of battery, it can take some time to get enough battery power to turn it on again. Be patient to the charging process. Wait for few hours and you should be able to turn on the device.

Why wont my samsung galaxy S III charge?

I would purchase a new battery and a samsung charger. Something isn't right.

My Samsung galaxy s wont let me download apps?

Take it to the place you bought it, and let one of the sales people help you. If they want your return business they should be able to fix it, or tell you whats wrong.

Which phone is better - Samsung galaxy S advance or Samsung galaxy S2 plus?

galaxy s2 plus is an integration of is betterthan s has a brodcom processor. well you will get xperia ion for 22k. I would like to recommend you nexus 4 considering the fact that y... Read More »