Samsung LN32B460B2D Problem?

Answer If you are using an HD source, HD cable box, blu ray or HD game system connected with HDMI you should not have the problem.If you are using an SD source, that is most likely the cause.Test with an ... Read More »

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Samsung LED TV screen Problem?

The light blinking usually means a fault and your getting power in to monitor/tv etc.It can be a number of things,as already said.The only thing you can do unless your a qualified repair person or ... Read More »

Samsung brightness problem?

Here is the support site

Samsung galaxy s2 problem?

I think you dun goofed. You probably did something wrong with the root, thus, effectively "killing" the phone.

Problem with my Samsung plasma TV?

No, its motion blur, and ive seen it on a lot of samsung tv's, in fact i just asked a question about it to see if anyone was having this issue as i see it in a lot of homes.