Samsung LN-S4051D Question?

Answer HDMI are probably the best digital way of transferring video and sound. And if you set up through an AVR some high end models have multiple HDMI inputs and outputs, low end your better off using HD... Read More »

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Samsung Galaxy S3 question?

Yes i think so because the music file can be detected once you open the music player.. just be sure that the micro sd is provided by samsung because it can readily be use. but if it's not, you nee... Read More »

Samsung "PC" input question...?

just take a look at the port on your tv. if it has holes and is a quadrilateral then its a vga port, if it has holes and slots and is a rectangle then its dvi. and if it is a flat panel lcd the o... Read More »

Samsung chromebook question?

Click the menu button in the upper right hand corner. Click settings. Under Search, select Manage Search Engines. Mouse over Google to make it the default.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Question !!! Help!!?

Post this question again in the category:Consumer Electronics >> Mobile Phones & Plans.You're more 'likely' to get answers there!!