Samsung LCD or LG LCD - Which of the two LCD TVs consume Less Power?

Answer Though Samsung has great power management built into its TVs, it isn't much better than LG in energy efficiency.If you compare the 32" models, Samsung LN-R3228W consumes as much power as LG 32LG30 ... Read More »

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Which draws less power Led or LCD tv's?

Does black LCD screen consume less energy than white?

nope...lcd's are backlit screens, so there is a small consistent light source back-lighting a screen..."black" is just something (LCD) blocking the light whereas white is letting the l... Read More »

I've noticed when I eat in the nude, I tend to consume less. Is this a sustainable way of dieting?

You're not the first to stumble upon this aid to weight loss, my friend. However the "Nude Plan Diet" (as it was known back in the 50s) fell out of favour when the medical establishment discovered ... Read More »

How much energy does a Samsung flat screen TV consume?

Samsung makes flat screen TVs in a few different sizes and makes. The energy consumption would be different for each depending on their size and make. One example is that a Samsung SyncMaster 151M... Read More »