Samsung LCD or LG LCD - Which of the two LCD TVs consume Less Power?

Answer Though Samsung has great power management built into its TVs, it isn't much better than LG in energy efficiency.If you compare the 32" models, Samsung LN-R3228W consumes as much power as LG 32LG30 ... Read More »

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How much energy does a Samsung flat screen TV consume?

Samsung makes flat screen TVs in a few different sizes and makes. The energy consumption would be different for each depending on their size and make. One example is that a Samsung SyncMaster 151M... Read More »

Does quad core consume more power?

It depends on the dual core and quad core in question and how many watts they are rated at. (Watts equals Power and Volts X Amps = Watts) It also depends on the game and how many cores it uses. You... Read More »

If i leave external usb port connected to the PC while i'm not using it .. would it still consume power?

Nah, let's say the external hub is sucking up 10 watts, a very conservative number as it's probably a lot less. Let's say you pay 10 cents a kwh so that would mean you're paying .001 cents every ho... Read More »

How much power does a string of LED Christmas tree lights consume?

A string of 100-bulb, 5-watt LED Christmas tree lights consumes on average 4.17 amps of power, while a string of 100-bulb, 7-watt LED Christmas tree lights consumes on average a slightly higher 5.8... Read More »