Samsung HD TV and normal sky box?

Answer Your Samsung TV has 1080 lines of resolution, normal sky is broadcasting at 576 lines of resolution, this means that when you are watching Sky your TV is not using 504 lines, this is what causes th... Read More »

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How to Get a Samsung Monitor Color Back to Normal?

If you notice that the color on your Samsung monitor doesn't look right, there is a quick and easy way to return it to normal. With desktop computers, the brightness and contrast of the computer mo... Read More »

What is the normal screen temperature of a Samsung LCD HDTV?

The Samsung LCD HDTV screen surface can heat up to 44 degrees Celsius (111.2 degrees Fahrenheit.) The normal screen temperature for the LCD screen is 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit.Re... Read More »

I have a samsung le37r88bd, the picture quality is good when watching hdtv but rubbish when watching normal tv?

There's not much you can do when watching standard definition on a HDTV. It will always be a bit grainy. SD is 480 lines of resolution. HD is 720 or 1080. There's no way to increase SD. You can try... Read More »

Normal DVD player that is not 1080p is compatible with 1080p samsung tv?

The proper question to be asked would be: is an 1080p samsung TV compatible with non-1080p DVD players? Probably YES, because most devices today are made to be backward-compatible (ie. be able to p... Read More »