Samsung Gt15500 :the button with the arrow on the left and the calls button on the left dont work since ?

Answer Why not use the one option that is good?

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Why do women's clothes button from the left, while men's button from the right?

Women's clothes button the opposite of men's clothes because of old traditions when women were dressed by their mother's or nanny's. It becomes easier to button when in reverse. A woman's blouse bu... Read More »

Cant use the left button on my mouse!?

Try looking in the Mouse options dialog of the Control Panel (assuming you're using Windows - I wish people would bother stating!), to see if somehow the functions of each button have been switched... Read More »

Why do women button their shirts on the left?

The front plackets on women's clothes traditionally have buttons on the left, while the opposite is true for men's clothes. Is the difference practical, sexist, archaic or just different for the sa... Read More »

Why do buttons for men button on the left, but for women it's the right?

"Though there’s no historical record or museum with an exhibit devoted to buttons (and/or factual logic as to why a person’s sex would have anything to do with said buttons’ orientation), mos... Read More »