Samsung 52inch plasma and direct tv How do you get local channels without an antenna?

Answer Dennis Leary

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How to Get Local TV Channels With a Philips Indoor Antenna?

If you don't want to pay the higher price for cable or satellite television, an antenna is a good option to save some money. Connecting the hardware only takes a moment, even if you need to use a d... Read More »

If I simply buy an indoor TV Antenna, would I be able to watch local channels for free?

If I have a newer TV, but no cable, is it true I can buy a HDTV antenna for local channels?

Any antenna will allow you to pick up over the air signals if you are close enuf to broadcast towers. Outside antennas work best, but any will work, there really is no HDTV antenna. Some people w... Read More »

How can you get local channels with having direct tv?

there are more than 265 channels depending on the package you will be getting. refer to the related link that i will include with this wiki.