Salt for Weed Control?

Answer Salt can be an effective weed-control method when used properly. It is inexpensive, all natural and easy to apply. However, gardeners can damage their plants, contaminate water and injure their pet... Read More »

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Why is salt a weed killer?

Salt will kill any plant, including weeds. In moderation, its also a fertilizer. If you increase the salinity or salt content of the soil to a point of where its too high, the plant will use all of... Read More »

Why is salt a good weed killer?

Weeds can ruin a perfect garden and overrun a manicured lawn very quickly. Many options are available for getting rid of weeds, but most are expensive, toxic or both. Salt, on the other hand, is na... Read More »

How can you control weed?

How do I use Weed B Gon Max Crabgrass Control?

Target PlantsApply Weed B Gon Max Crabgrass Control to kill a variety of broadleaf grasses, such as dandelions, clover and chickweed, and to kill grass weeds, such as crabgrass. This product is saf... Read More »