Salt & Water to Get Rid of Pimples?

Answer Have you ever gone to the beach for a few days and come home with a clearer complexion and longer, stronger nails? If you've spent time in the ocean, it's likely you did. Salt water contains vital ... Read More »

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What are the major benefits of salt water pools over chlorinated ones if you suffer from psoriasis and research suggests that it would be better to have a salt water pool?

Answer For one reason, saltwater pools use a special salt to keep your pool clean without the irritating burn of chlorinated pool water that you accidentally get in your eyes sometimes. Another rea... Read More »

What is the salt to water ratio for salt water fish tanks?

Saltwater aquariums do not use regular salt. They use special marine formulas, and each brand and formula has a different recommendation. There is no easy easy ratio because of so many variables, h... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally (Sea Salt Method)?

Pimples can be hard to get rid of, and the products we use to get rid of them are made of chemicals, which obviously aren't good for your skin. So here are steps to get rid of pimples naturally, th... Read More »

Will plain water sugar water salt water or water with miracle grow make green beans grow the most in 12 days?

it will b way easier if u did an experiment that way u'll b sur about the answer 2 that question