Sallie Mae Stanford School Loan?

Answer For Stafford loans first disbursed beginning July 1, 2006, the interest rate is fixed at 6.8%. There are several different repayment plans, depending on what your goal is. Here is a list of the re... Read More »

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How to Cancel My Student Loan Check to School From Sallie Mae?

When you obtain a student loan from Sallie Mae, you enter into a contract which states you're responsible for the repayment of that loan. If you need to cancel a student loan from Sallie Mae, you m... Read More »

How to Take Out Another Student Loan With Sallie Mae?

College costs are expensive; students must pay for tuition, housing, books, transportation and student fees. Financial aid from the federal government is one way to cover costs --- interest rates t... Read More »

Move my sallie mae student loan to somewhere else.?

If these loans are federal loans that were bought by Sallie Mae, you really can't "move" them. You would have to take out another loan at a different company... and the only program I can think yo... Read More »

How long can sallie mae keep my money if i overpaid my student loan?

If you have overpaid on the principal of your student loan, Sallie Mae and your bank will work together to return the sum to you immediately upon notification. It is, however, your responsibility t... Read More »