Sales Tax Deduction Questions?

Answer One of the deductions permitted by the Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to write off the cost of sales taxes paid throughout the year. These sales taxes include both state sales taxes and ... Read More »

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What Is the Sales Tax Deduction in South Dakota?

The sales tax deduction that was available to taxpayers benefited residents of South Dakota especially because residents of that state have no income tax. However, this deduction only applied to ta... Read More »

Is Sales Tax Deductible As an Itemized Deduction?

You can take an itemized deduction for state sales taxes on your IRS Form 1040 Schedule A, unless you have taken a deduction for state income taxes. The website says as of 2010 you can dedu... Read More »

What is the standard deduction for sales tax in Tennessee?

As of 2010, the standard deduction for sales taxes in Tennessee varies depending on the number of exemptions you claim and the income range you fall in. The IRS provides these figures; they range f... Read More »

What is the sales tax deduction and am I eligible to claim it?

The federal government gives taxpayers the option of deducting state and local sales taxes from their income when filing their taxes. This option is available to anyone who itemizes deductions, tho... Read More »