Sales Executive Job Responsibilities?

Answer Businesses in every industry employ sales executives in one form or another. From manufacturing plants to retail stores and wholesale warehouses, a sales executive's basic job responsibility is to ... Read More »

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The Job Responsibilities of an Executive Secretary?

Executive secretaries play a key role and provide high level administrative support for offices and top company officials. They perform fewer routine clerical tasks than other secretaries and serve... Read More »

Responsibilities of the Secretary of an Executive Board?

The secretary of an executive board has major responsibilities to keep the corporation or organization afloat. The secretary or corporate secretary is really a senior officer who communicates with ... Read More »

Roles & Responsibilities of a Business Development Executive?

Business development executives, also known as business development managers, help an organization or company grow or diversify. A business development executive works to enhance the products, ser... Read More »

A List of the Roles & Responsibilities of the Executive Branch?

The U.S. Constitution divides the government into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The writers of the Constitution were influenced by the work of the French philosopher, Baron d... Read More »